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We are proud to offer massage at Nova MedSpa in Ankeny, IA. Immerse yourself in our relaxation oasis. Choose to utilize our custom-built sauna before your massage and feel all your worries melt away. Meet one of our skilled massage therapists who will assess your preferences and concerns before your relaxation experience begins. Our massage staff  have a vast array of certifications including: Deep-Tissue, Aromatherapy, Facial Massage, Hot Stones, Prenatal Massage, and several others. Nova Massage Therapists can enhance your relaxation experience by adding one of our signature add ons to your massage including cupping, hot stones, Theragun, and more! Simply request an add on at the time of booking. Our therapists are passionate about providing quality care to our clients.

Schedule a Nova Staff favorite of deep-tissue or signature relaxation in Ankeny, IA today!

We strive to offer the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Before your massage slip into a robe, enjoy a tea or water in our relaxation area, and head into our custom-built sauna to warm the muscles or simply destress from your day. Sauna's provide many benefits such as: stress relief, muscle relaxation, flushing of toxins, cleansing of the skin, aiding in immunity/ fighting illnesses, aiding in burning calories, deep sleep improvement, and much more.

We'd love to have you visit us at our Ankeny, IA location!

To book online visit our link below, or call/email at 563-599-7422 and

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