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Nova MedSpa was founded in 2012 by Sarah Crocker, RN. She grew her business from one small rented room to the luxury spa of her dreams. This was made possible by prioritizing our clients' wants and needs.  Our authenticity and genuine approach fueled our long-term client relationships and created an approachable environment for new clients.  As the team grew, she instilled these values into every team member. Each professional at Nova MedSpa truly devotes themselves to providing knowledgeable and authentic care to every client they see. 

The skin professionals at Nova MedSpa believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and unique in their own way. Our specialists purpose is to enhance your natural beauty by creating a personalized plan of care that targets your wants and needs. At Nova MedSpa our therapists conduct a thorough consultation, during which they create your personalized optimal treatment plan. They begin by addressing your personal concerns and work to create a plan of care that best suits you. They target your goals, while considering your individual availability, budget, and requests. You can trust that our specialists will never try to upsell or pressure you into purchasing or completing services that you do not feel you need. Our skin professionals will ensure your happiness before, during, and after treatments. They are always available to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns. Here at Nova MedSpa our team invests themselves into their client's treatments, well-being, and overall happiness.

Meet Our Owner

Sarah Crocker, RN, Advanced Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Nova MedSpa has been a dream developed through hard work, training and a focus on personalized client care.


Our owner Sarah is a Certified Cosmetic Nurse Injector and Licensed Aesthetician with 15 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics, working under the guidance of our amazing medical director!  Sarah is dedicated to continued education as the ever-changing field of aesthetics continues to develop alongside science. With extensive trainings completed across the country, Sarah has been trained by the best of the best in the field. She prides herself on the ability to provide high-quality services and products that have proven results at an affordable budget. 


Sarah loves to teach her clients the benefits and science behind the multitude of services we offer. She diligently teaches and guides within her thorough consultations to ensure your plan of care meets all your needs and wants. No matter the service or treatment, Sarah strives to provide a variety of services and a one-stop-shop experience that will boost your self-confidence and leave you feeling like the best version of yourself. 

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Owner Nova MedSpa
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Emma Culbertson RN, BSN, CLT
Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Ankeny, IA & Dubuque, IA

Emma is a registered nurse with her BSN and a certified laser tech. She specializes in Botox/Dysport, HA fillers, microneedling, BBL, MOXI, medical-grade facials, Kybella, Sculptra, and laser hair removal services. Emma uses her knowledge in multiple modalities to personalize a plan of care that effectively meets client goals while considering timelines, budgets, and preferences. She prioritizes an authentic & genuine approach to meet client goals in a "pressure - free" environment!

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Tia Metz RN, MSN-ED
Aesthetic Nurse Injector
Ankeny, IA

Tia is an aesthetic nurse proficient in Botox/Dysport, Diamond Glow Facials, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels. She provides thorough consultations for your skincare and aesthetic goals to create a plan to best achieve them.

 Tia's background in nursing education fuels her ability to educate her clients in their aesthetic choices. She is passionate about providing clients with the tools and information to best meet their needs.

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Rachel Stogdill LMT
Ankeny, IA

Rachel is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue, myofacial, and regenerative therapuetic massage techniques. She utilizes intuitive and cognitive skills to promote therapuetic results while curating an immersive relaxation experience. Rachel offers personalized at-home techniques and restorative tips to continue the therapeutic benefits post-treatment. 

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Brook Culbertson
MedSpa Director
Ankeny & Dubuque IA

Brook has ten years of retail experience and provides expert client service. With over six years of managerial experience, Brook aids in the overall flow, structure, and environment at the spa. Brook recognizes Nova Clients as the top priority and works diligently to exceed expectations. She cultivates meaningful professional relationships and ensures the success of our team!

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